Online 12-Week Kickstart Programme

The Ultimate 12-Week Transformation Programme - failure is NOT an option

Online Programme

For a complete diet and fitness overhaul, our 12-Week Kickstart Programme is the ultimate solution.

Celebrity Circuits runs 4 x 12 Week Kickstarts every year. Everyone starts on the same date and by staying connected via a private support group on Facebook we are able to motivate one another to push hard, stay focused throughout and get the best results possible!



Price per 12-Week Kickstart

£132 (works out just £11 a week!)


What you’ll get from the Celebrity Circuits team:

  • 36 pre-recorded workouts (3 per week) - workouts can be adapted to injuries and specific abilities if required.

  • Our daily email covering topics such as nutrition, training and mindset to help you stay motivated and give you the knowledge required to succeed in the long term

  • Weekly group Zoom call for Q&A - once a week we will catch up as a group on a live Zoom call, to cover any questions and give you an opportunity to communicate with other members who are on the same journey as you 

  • Tutorials on how to use My Fitness Pal - to make sure you understand the app and can use it effectively

  • A personalised calorie goal - this will be an achievable target based around your current goals

  • Private support group on Facebook - your own dedicated members area, that will allow you to support each other and give you access to all the information you need to get started

  • Optional face to face weigh ins in weeks 1, 4, 8 and 12 where we will review your progress and make any changes if we need to

  • Weekly group check in plus individual midweek check in by email

  • You will receive the Online 12 Week Programme Guide which can be accessed as an e-document via the private group on Facebook – this will also be sent as an attachment, with your welcome email.

  • Submitting before and after photos is not essential, however this is certainly encouraged, simply because there’s nothing more rewarding than looking back at your Week 1 photos and seeing how far you’ve come! If you do decide to submit pictures (yay!) then we promise not to share these without your consent – although no doubt you’ll be dying to show them off once you’ve finished the programme!

How do I book?

  • Please pay online or drop us a message then we will contact you and get you booked in!

  • As always if you have any questions, please get in touch and we will be able to answer these for you.

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What happens next?

Once you have signed up to the Kickstart you will receive a welcome email around one week before the programme begins, outlining next steps on how to get started. You will be required to:

Sign a contract to confirm your commitment to the programme - unfortunately just signing up isn’t enough. You have to COMMIT to putting the work in.

Complete the initial client questionnaire regarding your current weight, measurements, exercise habits and goals (link will be sent with your welcome email)

Complete our health and safety (PAR-Q) form (link will be sent with your welcome email)

Take your ‘before’ photos (optional) or book a face-to-face appointment at the Celebrity Circuits Boutique Fitness Studio, for this to be done in person

Please add ‘Sarah Celebrity Circuits’ on Facebook (you can do this before you download the app):

Please request to join the private kickstart group:

NOTE: Once the kickstart has ended, all members are removed from the private group and will need to pay the existing member price £66 to re-access the group and take part in the next kickstart.

Please download the ‘My Fitness Pal’ food-logging app (free) and add the account ‘sarahswainsbury’

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