Stay Fit and Have Fun on Holiday!

Everyone knows I'm into my fitness (lucky for me it kind of comes with the job), however my other great love is travel - and believe it or not it's possible to combine the two!

Now unless you've deliberately booked yourself onto an intense health and well-being programme at a 5* detox retreat in Thailand (well jel!), for most people hitting the beach has historically been synonymous with cocktails, relaxation and a whole load of cheat meals. Not a burpee in sight - after all, it's time to relax right? 

That's great if you've declared your holiday your hard-earned week off from training and are happy to chill out and sweat it out on a sun lounger rather than in the gym for 7 days straight - good for you, after all a girl needs to chillax every once in a while! But what if you don't want to let all the blood sweat and tears you've put into getting bikini-ready go to waste while you're away? 

Thanks to Celebrity Circuits, you no longer need worry! 
On holiday you've got that magic combination of gorgeous beaches, good weather and a load of free time on your hands, meaning you're actually in one of the best places to work up a sweat.

Here I’ve rounded up my best tips on how to stay fit on holiday, wherever you are in the world!


All Inclusive is basically code for unlimited food and booze right? Sure, if you want to get the shock of your life when you get home and jump on the scales (or even break them!)
The secret to not abusing the All Inclusive buffet is to allow yourself to have just one forbidden item with every meal. So rather than piling your plate high with chips and pasta, help yourself to some lean protein, loads of vegetables and a mountain of salad. Then, if you're still hungry, let loose and splurge on a piece of cheesecake for dessert - it's ok, you're on holiday! 
Lay off the sugary cocktails as well by the way - they may look pretty, but you definitely won't if you drink them 24/7. They make you eat more too! Have one as a treat every other day or so and switch to vodka and soda or G&T's the rest of the time. 


Most hotels have a pool, so pack your swim goggles and squeeze in a few laps throughout the day! Swimming is a great activity if you’re suffering from any kind of injury as it’s extremely low impact, plus it’s so much more refreshing than going for a 5K run when it’s scorching outside – race you to the swim-up bar!


Now I’m not saying you've got to squeeze your powerhoop and 8kg kettlebell into your 20kg luggage allowance, but there are two pieces of equipment that I would consider essential to any workout that I do when I'm away from home. 


Resistance bands - inexpensive and travel light, these are the best way to add some extra resistance to your holiday sweat sesh. Try chest presses, bicep curls and rows, and get your workout in first thing if you can. Not only because in most places you will ROAST if you attempt any kind of workout after 10am, but mentally you will be more geared up to make wiser food choices throughout the day afterwards - you wouldn't want to undo all that hard work right? 


Skipping rope - combine 1 minute skipping intervals with 1 minute bodyweight exercises for the perfect cardio/ strength workout that you can do on your balcony. Mix in upper and lower body strength moves with abs exercises for the ultimate full body workout that'll mean you need not fear the consequences of your food intake for the rest of the day. Example:

Perform @ 1-min intervals: 

Alternating lunges
Plank jacks
Sumo squats 
Tricep dips 
Bicycle crunches 


Join in with the activities your resort has to offer, after all it's all part of the package! From archery to aerobics, from pedalos to pottery lessons, trying something new not only burns calories if you go for something active but it's good for the your mind and wellbeing too. 


After more than just a workout on your balcony? An active holiday could be just the thing for you! If you like where I’m going with this then look no further than the Robinson brand. The hotels in this collection let you continue your healthy, active lifestyle in the sunshine. You get to tuck into delicious food that feeds the soul as well as the body, experience luxury spa treatments in stunning locations, and best of all there’s more than 70 activity classes every week, with state of the art fitness facilities!. No wonder a Robinson club holiday is top of our travel wish list at Celebrity Circuits!


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Now I am in no way trying to spoil your holiday fun, but if you can find some exercise while you are away that fits effortlessly into your day, then you’ll be doing yourself a favour. At the end of the day being healthy is a permanent way of living and I’m sure when you started your fitness journey your main goal would have been to create lasting changes. Therefore looking after yourself and keeping yourself healthy should be a daily practice, no matter where you may be in the world.


Bon voyage!



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