Yearbook 2018

2017 was practice
2018 was the warm-up
2019 is game time

Our Christmas gift to you


Welcome to the Celebrity Circuits yearbook! This is my gift to all of you, to thank you for your hard work throughout 2018. I may be your trainer, but there would be no Celebrity Circuits without you amazing lot who show up week after week and always put the effort in. Thank you for your continued support and looking forward to smashing those fitness goals together in 2019!

This yearbook is a collection of some of my most effective training tips, nutritional advice and fitness-related blog posts from 2018, with some Celebrity Circuits photo highlights and memories thrown in along the way!

It’s been an awesome year with some fantastic transformations – 2018 saw the introduction of our FlipFit class at Flip Out Ashford, a brand new location for our Indoor Circuits class at Park Club Ashford, as well as our very first experience of being a finalist at the Ashford Business Awards 2018! As a trainer, I never stop learning and I feel like I’ve learned a lot this year, particularly when it comes to the importance of empowering clients and rising above the competition.

Thanks for being part of our Celebrity Circuits family.

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