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BabyFit & Buggy Burn

"The Perfect Post-Natal Workout"

BabyFit - Park Club, Ashford 

Our safe and effective BabyFit workout is designed to help new mums lose weight, tone muscles and have fun with their baby, no childcare required!

A typical 45 minute class consists of low-impact cardio for weight loss and strength work for toning, using the babies as weights – expect squats, lunges, press-ups and a real focus on regaining posture, muscle strength and overall fitness.

Modifications are offered for each exercise so you can work at your own pace. Both babies and toddlers welcome!


45 mins £6.00

Wednesdays @ 10:45-11:30

Location: Park Club, Ashford

Buggy Burn - Bridgefield Park Area (TN25 7AB), Ashford 


Buggy Burn is our outdoor postnatal workout, where we walk / jog / run with the buggies, incorporating both cardio and bootcamp-style bodyweight exercises.

Perfect for those hardcore mums who miss their circuits / bootcamp / HIIT classes, as the exercises are similar, but are performed at a lower intensity.


Location: Bridgefield park area, Ashford (TN25 7AB)

Tuesdays @ 09:30-10:15

Extra classes held throughout summer holidays - 'Holiday Bootcamp' - please check latest timetable for up to date info!

45 mins £5.00

Pre and Post Natal Personal Training

If you have a group of mummy friends and would like to book a course of private sessions then please email us at to get in touch!

However if 1:1 sessions are more your thing then we offer a personal training service, providing you with a bespoke programme that takes into account your individual needs and fitness goals.

Sessions can take place at a time and location that suits you, so please message us to check availability. 

BumpFit (Pre Natal Workout) - Park Club Ashford

Stay motivated and healthy throughout your pregnancy, whilst exercising with other mums to be in a fun and friendly atmosphere!

Our specialist group pregnancy 'BumpFit' class uses a combination of low-impact cardiovascular and conditioning moves, to provide an energising workout for mums to be.

All trimesters welcome - exercises will be personalised to your individual fitness level and adapted by trimester.

45 mins £6.00

Sundays @ 09:35-10:15

Location: Park Club, Ashford

Click here to download the BumpFit PAR-Q (Health and Safety) Form

Pregnancy Fitness Workshop, Elements Studio Ashford

In this 90-minute session there will be a presentation on the do's and don'ts of prenatal exercise, plus a sample 40 minute BumpFit workout followed by a Q&A session. 

All fitness levels and trimesters welcome as modifications are offered to suit the different stages of pregnancy.

Places are limited so booking in advance is essential! 

All workshop attendees get a copy of the workout card to take home.

Next workshop: To be confirmed

90 mins £20.00

BabyFit / Buggy Burn Rules


 1. Get the Go-Ahead

 Don’t even think about losing the baby weight until your body is ready! You can join BabyFit / Buggy Burn as soon as you have had your 6-8 week post-natal check-up and been given the ok to exercise (usually 10-12 weeks for a C-section)


2. Complete the BabyFit PAR-Q Form

You will need to complete a quick health and safety form beforehand and bring it with you to your first BabyFit / Buggy Burn class. It's also fine to complete the form on the day, but if you do have any medical / health concerns then it's better that we know about these in advance, so that we can look after you!


3. Come Prepared

 Make sure your baby is fed before coming to the BabyFit / Buggy Burn class; this means they are less likely to be hungry and so you will get the most out of the workout! Please bring plenty of water, plus a workout mat or towel.


4. Give it 100% and have FUN!