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Celebrity Bootcamp Ashford

The most effective way to blast calories and get fit fast, without setting foot in the gym!

Celebrity Bootcamp Ashford, is an all-over body workout, which combines bodyweight training and cardio exercises - our aim is to work every muscle, so you look hot all over!


We will have you doing squats, push-ups, speed drills, plank holds - basically all the moves that WORK (expect to ache the next day!)


No shouting and screaming at this one, just lots of motivation, encouragement and above all a fantastic workout!

Location: Park area, Bridgefield Ashford (TN25 7AB)

Sundays @ 08:15-0930

Extra classes held through the summer months (weekday evenings) - please check the latest timetable for up to date class info!

45 mins £5.00