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5 Simple Habit Shifts For Fat Loss

One of the main reasons people fail at fat loss? You try do everything all at once.

You take on too much, become overwhelmed and inevitably- things you tried to change don’t stick for long.

Everyone focuses on the big things. Joining a gym and going there 7 days a week. Completely overhauling their diet and cutting out everything that’s ‘bad’. But the things that get overlooked, and the things can have a REAL difference when it comes to long term sustainable fat loss are our day to day habits.

We live our lives by habits. And poor habits are typically the things stopping you from seeing the results you want. There’s more to fat loss than just following a diet and exercise programme. It requires full accountability with your entire lifestyle & behaviours on a day to day basis.

So here are 5 super simple and straightforward habit shifts you can start to implement from TODAY, which can have a HUGE positive impact when it comes to fat loss, if you stick to them long term:

🌞1. Get Up Earlier- Setting your alarm even just 15 minutes earlier will allow yourself time to meal prep, do a quick workout or even just plan your day. How much could you get done by waking up that bit earlier?

🥑2. Start Prepping Meals- Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! Without and kind of meal plan for the week, you’re just winging it, and as a result you will be more likely to turn to takeaways/convenience foods and/or snacks as the foods you are opting for aren’t necessarily keeping you full.

📆3. Plan Your Diary Each Week- Take ownership of your time and plan when you will go to the gym, food shop etc. If you leave everything to chance or when you ‘feel like it’- it’s too easy to let things slip when you get busy or tired.

🍳4. Focus On Whole Foods- Aim to make the majority of what you eat a single ingredient whole food. These foods will keep you fuller, leave you feeling more energised and they are typically a lot harder to overeat, compared to processed foods.

🛏5. Go To Bed Earlier- Instead of scrolling through social media until the early hours, have a set bed time and turn off all devices 30 mins- 1hour before you go to bed to help your brain wind down and stop you going to bed worrying about that sh*tty email that’s just come in, that you’re going to have to deal with in the morning. A good nights sleep is NOT to be underestimated when it comes to fat loss.

Start small. Focus on habits. And TRUST ME- you will be setting yourself up for longer term success.

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