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Our Speciality - Female Fat Loss

Our speciality - female fat loss and more specifically, helping women just like YOU get motivated, get results and look/feel AMAZING! 

(Whilst still living your best life...)

We've helped literally hundreds of women achieve this particular goal, and now it’s your turn! 

It's not always easy to put yourself first, I get it. Especially when you're juggling mum life, work life, social events and all the rest of it - you almost feel guilty for prioritising yourself, right? 

I've been there. I've done the quick fix diets, the juice cleanses, the cutting out carbs. It got me nowhere. All that happened was I lost a bit of weight but then piled it all back on again. Trust me, I've made ALL the mistakes so you don't have to!

So now I'm making it my mission to show women the RIGHT way to do things. 

I've Been There - I Get It

I’ve been there. Overweight, unhappy, low confidence and just feeling like rubbish.
Yes I complained about it, yes I was angry and frustrated about it, but the fact of the matter is I wasn’t really doing anything about it.

Even though it was MY problem to deal with, for some reason I just wouldn’t take responsibility, or would come up with a load of BS reasons for not taking action - too busy with work, no time to get steps, no time to meal plan, and…. slow metabolism (I can’t believe I used to tell myself that)

But then one day it hit home: ‘No one is coming to save you”

I either had to take ACTION and decide to just go for it - or do nothing and stay miserable.

I realised that I had to take ownership and responsibility for my own progress. And truthfully, I only really started getting a decent result after a full year of kidding myself I was trying, when really I was completely half arsing it. 50% effort = 50% results.

Better late than never though.

Because if I hadn’t taken action then I’d still be in the same place - not getting the most out of life and not feeling happy or confident in myself.

You can totally do it too!

Over the next few months you can either:

Finally get on top of your goals, and get the result you’ve wanted for longer than you care to remember


Become complacent, wait until the 'right time' when it’s more convenient, then risk never getting started at all

I’m not saying this to sound harsh, but sometimes we totally need that reality check - I know I did!

This is down to you. But I know you’ve got this and I'll be right by your side the whole way. So if you know you could do with having someone in your corner, to help you get from A to B a little bit quicker, then I would LOVE to help you.

I started working with Sarah 4 months ago and not only have I hit my goal weight, but I'm stronger and more capable physically than I've ever been - Catherine

Will This Programme Work For Me?

This programme is for:

Women who are sick of starting a diet every Monday

Women who want to break away from the 'all or nothing' mindset

Women who are ready to level up their confidence and become the very best versions of themselves

Women who want to take back the control and are ready to put the work in to get the results they deserve 

Women who are fed up with feeling miserable every time the number on the scales goes up 

Women who want to create a better relationship with food without any restriction or fad diets 

NOTE: It is not for those who are looking for a quick fix, or who aren't willing to put the effort in. Even if you're brand new to fitness, or you've sucked at dieting in the past, you WILL get results with this programme, as long as you commit to the plan, and trust the process.

The Lowdown - How It Works

PT In Your Pocket

One of the most exciting things about when you sign up with Celebrity Circuits - you’ve got 7 day a week support. 

In my experience, with many other coaching programmes, you sign up and then… that’s it. You’re kind of left to your own devices, which means naturally you end up getting bored, burning out or just losing momentum. 

With what we do, failure isn’t an option. 

And so you’ll be able to contact me 7 days a week via the app, to ensure you’re kept accountable and we keep on top of things and keep things moving.

If something isn’t working, we change it.

If progress stalls, we make any changes that we need to, to make sure you’re doing everything right that will allow you to get the results you signed up for.


Celebrity Circuits App

Our customised app is super easy to use - it’s basically like having me as a PT in your pocket! So you’ll know EXACTLY what you’re doing. So rather than walking into the gym and feeling really overwhelmed, and not knowing what to follow, how many sets/reps you’re meant to be doing, our app tracks EVERYTHING!

You’ll be able to track your sessions week on week, so you know you’re making progress with your training. If you look at your progress and think WTF is a triceps pulldown, we’ve got you covered! All you do is tap the image and there’s a video right there, showing you exactly what to do.

Plus I’ll have full access to everything my end, so I can see how well you’re progressing, I can make sure you’re committing to your sessions, and ultimately hold you accountable to a much higher level.

And if you don’t have a gym membership? No problem! You’ll get a home based training plan, that you can execute from home, with just a pair of dumbbells. 



FYI you can check in with me ANY TIME via the app, so we can make sure you’re making as much progress as possible. If you plateau (which is a totally normal part of the process BTW) then I can monitor it and look into the details - if nothing needs changing and it’s just a case of pushing on for another week or so, then cool, BUT if I think there’s any variables we can change to give things a boost, then that’s exactly what we’ll do. 


Community Group

I can confidently say that our Celebrity Circuits community is second to none!

The reason it’s so beneficial is that we are a team, and we motivate and support each other - when you first join the group, you’re gonna be part of a team with others who are a little bit ahead of you, you’ll also have others who will be behind you, BUT they’re all going to be sharing recipe ideas, training wins etc - we’re all in this together!

You might have seen on my socials, I’m really big on the community feel - yes your programme is all delivered online, but we LOVE to get together when we can, for client meet ups, running events, bootcamp classes, photoshoots and socials! So that’s something you’ll get to be a part of from Day 1.

Which Programme Is Right For Me?

Join the 12 Week Shred and I’ll give you all the tools you need to get results - as long as you stay committed and follow the plan in its entirety. It's the perfect programme for anyone who's ready to do the work, but just needs a bit of structure and some added accountability to ensure they follow through.

However if you think you could benefit from even more access to me and a more customised, one-on-one approach, then 1:1 might be the better option for you. For less than the cost of one PT session a week, I can programme you a whole week's worth of workouts, plus you'll get full support with the nutrition and mindset side of things.

Please note I only work with a maximum of 20 clients on a 1:1 basis at any time, so to be sure we are a good fit to work together we will have an initial Game Plan call where we will map out your goals and outline a realistic timeframe for getting you from A to B.

Book your 1:1 Game Plan call HERE

I'll say it on Day 1 - my programmes are NOT for those who are not willing to commit. I will give you the tools and support you need to get you to your goals, but you MUST be prepared to show up for yourself, even on the tougher days or the days where you don't feel motivated. I will give you the exact blueprint you need to succeed, but only YOU can do the work.

However if you know you're ready to smash this, then I'll be right by your side to support you the entire way and together we can achieve some amazing results!

Here's a little video from me, to help you decide which programme is best for you!

Programme Options


How long before I start seeing results?

Providing that you adhere to the programme we give you, and tick all the boxes we ask you to, you should begin to see results within 4-8 weeks. Adherence is key!


Will I receive a meal plan?

Generally, I don't offer my clients meal plans (mainly because in my experience, no one actually sticks to them!) Instead, I promote a flexible approach to nutrition, whereby no food is off limits. I will give you the tools and knowledge required for you to be able to build your own meal plan each week, and make choices that are in line with your goals at social occasions, also how to manage your nutrition when unexpected events crop up - something that a rigid meal plan cannot teach you.


Do I need a gym membership?

It's not essential! I will provide you with a home or gym based programme, depending on your preference. You will also have access to the On Demand workout library, which has over 100 + workouts to choose from, with more being added every week! If working out from home, I recommend investing in a pair of dumbbells, as you will use weights in a lot of the workouts!


Do I need to be mega fit?

Not at all! It’s my job to meet you where you’re currently at, then guide you to your goals. This means that no matter what your starting point is, you’ll totally benefit from this programme.


Is there a contract?

The 12 Week Shred programme runs for 12 weeks. At the end of the 12 weeks, you can choose to renew if you wish. You will also have the option to apply to work with me on a 1:1 basis, if you wish to continue your fitness journey and take things to the next level!

If you join the 1:1 programme then this runs on a monthly rolling basis. You can cancel anytime, with 1 month's notice.


Do I get personal contact with you?

Absolutely! There is an in-app messaging feature where you can ask me any questions you need to. I am also extremely active in the WhatsApp group so rest assured I will be sharing everything you need to know to keep moving forwards and achieve amazing results!

If you're a 1:1 client you will also have the opportunity to book monthly catch up calls with me, to discuss how things are going and make any tweaks to your programme as required - and if you ever need any extra support in between calls or just a motivational kick up the butt, I'll be happy to do the job! 

I promise to be right by your side throughout the course of your journey and will support you the entire way! All you have to do in return is stay focused on your goals and be consistent - Sarah

Get started from Monday!

12 Week Shred Programme

Get RESULTS, get MOTIVATED and look/feel AMAZING...

Whilst still living your best life!