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Are You Getting Too Comfortable?

Are you giving it 100% and being completely honest with yourself about how much effort you’re putting in when it comes to your fitness goals?

Or are you putting in 50% of the work and expecting 100% of the results for half the effort?

Promise I’m not trying to make you feel guilty! All I’m saying is that it can be easy to overestimate our effort levels - we do one thing right, feel really proud of ourselves and and then take our foot off the gas for a bit. Maybe you smash your gym session and then tell yourself you’ve done so well that you deserve an extra glass of Prosecco, or a couple of biscuits with your afternoon coffee… which you then forget to track.

Or maybe you’re doing all your training sessions, but you’ve not really made any extra effort to push harder, do more reps or try a heavier weight - you’re just kind of coasting through because…. it’s comfortable!

And that’s the issue - people get too comfortable. For change to occur then changes have to happen.

I get that it’s easier to not log that little spoon of peanut butter here and there, that little bit of leftover pasta that your kids left on their plates, the extra drizzle of oil on your salad…

It’s easier not to push for that last rep when you’re training, or run for an extra 5 minutes on the treadmill.

It’s easier to stay at home in the warm rather than get out and get those extra steps in.

But unfortunately - results don’t come from staying in your comfort zone.

Adjusting your diet, showing up for your training sessions, pushing yourself when you don’t want to - it’s all uncomfortable! But sometimes you just have to do the work, even if you don’t want to. Because every time you tick off one of those boxes and put the ground work in, you’re one step closer to reaching your goals.

So be honest with yourself - are you really doing everything you can to get results? Remember, 50% effort = 50% results. Get on with the stuff that makes you uncomfortable and stop making excuses - you’ll thank yourself in the long run!

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