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Are Your Actions In Line With Your Goals?

Realise it or not; your daily & weekly actions are a result of what you’re choosing to prioritise.

Analyse your actions over the last few weeks / months.

What have you been prioritising?

We are always prioritising things whether we’re consciously aware of it or not, even if you’re not physically thinking ‘I’m going to prioritise this’

Are you going out every weekend and starting the week off on the wrong foot feeling like rubbish & not getting anything done or moving any closer to your goals?

Think about it - it’s not only that you’re not prioritising your goals, you’re also prioritising and choosing to actively go out and do those things.

How are you prioritising your weekends? Are you using them to start your week off on the right foot or are you using them to already begin the week feeling tired, sluggish, unprepared?

Whether you move closer to or further away from your goals is a result of what you do each week.

Are you currently in a place you’re happy with?

If not; look at what you need to do to make a change.

What are you spending time on? Are you spending too much time watching TV? Over prioritising getting out for a walk, or getting your training sessions done?

What about financially? If you’re spending £50 on alcohol or takeaways every week, could you swap that for things that’ll get you to a place where you actually feel good?

Ask yourself - if you keep doing what you’re doing now; will you be in a better position in 3 months time, will things look the same, or could they potentially look worse? If you don’t like the answer, then maybe it’s time to change your current actions and behaviours.

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