Fitness for pear shapes

Work with what nature gave you

When it comes to body shape, I am a classic pear. I used to hate it.

Pear-shaped women tend to accumulate all their excess body fat around their hips and thighs, and unfortunately, this can be the most stubborn type of weight to lose – it sucks! However, by performing exercises that burn fat and calories, as well as tone your muscles, all you juicy pears out there CAN lose weight. After many years of hoping I could miraculously turn myself into a ‘straight up and down’ or even an hourglass kind of figure (never gonna happen without a boob job!), I’ve finally accepted that this is wishful thinking. Instead I now make the best of what I’ve got and have stopped working against my natural shape, instead I’m focusing on getting everything tight, toned and STRONG! I’m talking serious Beyoncé goals


For me the most effective workout strategy is as follows:

Cardio below the belt.


  1. Both running and spinning are great options for cardio. You can’t spot reduce fat so as long as you go for any form of cardio that gets your heart rate up then you will boost your metabolism and
    subsequently trim fat from your entire body, including the lower half.
  2. Lower body exercises including plyometric moves for fat-blasting and STRENGTH TRAINING!
    Lunges will strengthen and tone glutes, hips and thighs for a shapely, but not bulky, lower body. The plyo moves will get your heart rate up to melt fat, all while sculpting your glutes, hamstrings,
    calves, and thighs.


Sarah’s example plyometric circuit – Perform 40/20 intervals for each of these moves and repeat the circuit 2-3 times for a 20-30 minute workout, no equipment needed!


Jump lunges
Plank jacks
Jump squats
Squat thrusts


Crab kicks
Squat jacks
Star jumps
Rockstar jumps
High knees
Rock and roll squats

And when you’re at the gym then its time to hit the bar – heavy squats, lunges and deadlifts all the way!

Balancing Act…

I’ll admit it, as a pear I have found that in the past I have become obsessed with working on my lower body by doing a million lunges and squats. And of course you want your butt, hips, and thighs to be tight and toned, pears. But, you also want your body to be BALANCED, so don't neglect what's above the belt.


The problem with us pears is that not only do we struggle with thick lower bodies that are prone to packing on weight (5lbs over the Christmas period – ouch!), but we also suffer from slender upper bodies that are difficult to build with a small bust and tiny shoulders – it’s not fair! Now we know you can't change your body shape, but what you can do is create a more defined upper body to balance out your shape using targeted arm and shoulder exercises to optimise those areas. My favourites are presses, rows, tricep dips and push-ups.


I know I say it again and again but it’s not just about how much you’re moving your body – it’s about what you put in it as well! Your diet has EVERYTHING to do with whether or not your workouts are effective. As you increase your calorie burn through cardio, reducing your calorie intake will result in quicker weight loss all over, including trimming fat from your lower body. Eat nutritious foods such as lean protein, whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink mostly water and limit drinks that lack nutritional value such as fizzy drinks and alcohol – notice I said limit, NOT exclude – a girl’s gotta have a life right?


One final thought –


I like big butts and I can’t deny… 


It’s taken me years to finally embrace my pear shape. Save yourself a lot of stress and exasperation by doing the same. Stop seeing your big booty as a problem area and start seeing it as your out-of- this-world behind! At a time where butt implants have become mega popular, you can rest assured there’s no #BigBootyProblems in this camp!

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