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How Long Before I Start Seeing Results?

Now I WISH I could give you a black and white number here …….

But I’m going to give that annoying response which we all hate, which is…..


Many plans & programmes will sell to you using the promise of ‘lose X amount of weight in 6 weeks’ or ‘drop a dress size in a month’ etc 🙄

But the REALITY is…..

Everyone is different.

What I CAN and WILL tell you, is that if you stick with a structured plan for 12-16 weeks, then you WILL see significant progress. 💪🏻

However you actually have to stick to it. Not just some of the time.

And by progress. I don’t just mean changes in your physique, but also:

👉🏻Your strength levels
👉🏻Your relationship with food
👉🏻Your self confidence
👉🏻Building & shaping healthy habits for long term success

My BEST advice?

Stay consistent with your plan. And learn to LOVE the process of progression and working on yourself!

The results will come. And it will be a hell of a lot more enjoyable if you learn to trust the process, rather than spending every single day scrutinising yourself, looking for the visual changes.

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