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It Won’t Always Be Easy

If you’re gonna get in your best shape EVER

There’s something you’ve got to understand

And it’s something that is getting seriously harder to remember these days

Instagram is FILLED with before and after photos

Training reels

Motivational videos of ladies going from 0-100 super quick

Generally positive stuff

Which has its place

But we can’t forget that these posts and reels are just snapshots of the best moments

Those 1% moments captured by the eyes of a skilled photographer

That show a glamorous grind and insane results

And send your motivation sky high for half a second

As it all seems so easy and within reach

But what we have to remember is

They’re just snapshots of the process

They don’t show the other 99% of the journey

The times the person went through hell

The times they just wanted to give it all up and throw in the towel

The times they sat at home feeling unmotivated and wishing they didn’t have to get their butt to the gym that day

None of this gets shown on instagram

And it paints a picture for you, the viewer, that its all easy breezy

And sometimes that’s when people can hit turbulence in their own journey

Because you compare your own efforts to everyone you see on Instagram, and you come to the (wrong) conclusion that you’re not good enough

BUT you never saw that side of it on socials

So what you MUST understand if you’re going to be successful with your fat loss in 2023 is:

You need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Because as much as your journey is exciting and full of wins along the way

There WILL come a point where you have tough decisions to make - takeaway or cook from scratch, do your workout or sit on the sofa and watch Netflix, stay out all night drinking Prosecco or getting an early night

There WILL be days where you feel a bit hungry, and a bit grumpy

There WILL be days where you want to throw in the towel

So it’s better to be prepared for those moments now

So that they when they crop up, you’re in the best mindset possible to deal with them

Be positive girl, but don’t be blind to the fact that fat loss is HARD!

In order to get to where you wanna be, there’s some real graft to come

Get excited for it

You got this my babes!

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