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Rule No. 1 For Fat Loss - Calorie Deficit

How complex does it really need to be? This whole fat loss, fitness thing? Unfortunately, it’s often made out to be more complicated than it is…

Usually so people can convince you to buy into useless products and diet fads, so they can earn a bit of commission and fund their next holiday

Lucky I’m here to simplify the entire process for you!

Because if there’s ONE thing I’ve learnt through my time coaching women to drop that first pesky stone and get leaner, healthier and more confident? It’s that simplicity is your best friend

So in alignment with that, here’s what you need to know in the most basic terms: Calories are units of energy

You consume calories through food and drinks

And you burn them through moving, exercising and through normal bodily processes that you don’t even know are happening

If you consume more calories than you burn off, your body has no choice but to store them

They end up being stored in the body, and your scale weight increases

Flip that on its head - you consume less than you burn off… a CALORIE DEFICIT

Your body then dips into the stored fat to be able to fulfil the demands of the expenditure

You burn body fat, and your scale weight decreases as a result

So - weight is dictated by the calories in vs. calories out

Combine this calorie deficit with a progressive resistance training programme (lifting weights) and a diet rich in protein, and you’ll be able to maintain (or build if you’re a newbie) muscle tissue

Leading you to a position where you have more muscle mass and less body fat covering it

More muscle mass + less body fat = more muscle definition, flatter stomach, leaner legs, toned arms and all that jazz

It’s that simple.

Anyone who tells you otherwise? Simply, run

The hard part is knowing how to manage these things long term, creating new habits, and being able to stick to them

And that’s where Celebrity Circuits comes in, to take you through every step of the journey!

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