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Scale Fluctuations?!

Picture this…

You have worked your butt off all week.

Stuck to your calorie target, got your steps in and ticked off every workout - even the cardio!

Ticked every box your trainer has set you - water, sleep, stress… it’s all on point!

You are feeling AMAZING and actually can’t wait to weigh in at the end of the week.

Check in day arrives and… your weight is UP!


How can this even be a thing? You’ve done everything in your power to make the scales drop this week, so why has the number gone UP?

Easier said than done, but first of all don’t stress. There’s many reasons why the scales can fluctuate on a day to day basis, and believe me several weird and wonderful things will happen to your weight over the course of your weight loss journey.

Most of the time it’s down to water retention, which should ease off within a few days. As well as a host of other reasons - time of day, your menstrual cycle, eating more salt, eating higher carb meals, being dehydrated, doing a heavy workout, time of day or even just the clothes you’re wearing. Bottom line - you have not put on 4lbs of fat overnight. So chill the f*ck out.

As long as you’ve done the work, then honestly there’s no need to stress. (If you’ve not done the work then of course that’s different… but that’s a whole other email!)

The BEST thing you can do (once you’ve had a mini strop, obvs) is just dust yourself off and carry on with your programme. Ignore this week’s weigh in, carry on ticking those boxes every single day and trust me, the results WILL happen for you. If you’re consistent then you cannot fail at this. You only fail when you give up completely.

So don’t you dare let the number on the scale define you, the progress you’ve made to date or the work you’ve put in this week - head down, full focus mode ON!

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