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Stop Trying So Hard To Be Perfect On Your Diet

The reason most people ‘fail’ on their diets, is because they are trying too hard to be perfect. And when they fall short of this unattainable standard, they give up completely and find themselves back at square one.

One of the BIGGEST mistakes I see time and time again when it comes to dieting, is trying to be 100% perfect day in day out.

All this does is lead to a very rigid mentality which lends itself to all or nothing thinking.

EIther you are ON your diet or you’re NOT. That’s not going to get you anywhere in the long term.

So what’s the solution?

Improve your ‘bounce-back’ rate.

So that when you do have a small slip up, or find yourself in a situation where you can’t stick with your diet…

You rebound. Don’t let one small ‘error’ or ‘mistake’ with your diet lead to you fully caving in, and hitting the f*ck it button.

Instead of falling off the bandwagon and finding yourself ‘starting again’, stop trying SO hard to be perfect.

80/20 rule all the way.

As a rough rule of thumb- take your daily/weekly calorie allowance and allow yourself to enjoy around 20% of the foods that you actually want. Allow yourself to be more relaxed for 20% of the week, eat meals out etc.

(NOTE: I said 20%, not 50% or 70% haha)

Don’t let cravings build up and up to the point where you can’t fight them anymore. Accept and anticipate you won’t be perfect all the time.

As striving for ultimate perfection is essentially leading you to inevitable failure.

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