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Want To Know Why All Your Previous Diet Attempts Have Failed?

I want to make something clear - I am NOT a mindset coach

I don’t preach meditation, morning gratification and journalling to my clients

I’m just not of those coaches - and I’m sure they do a great job with whatever they’re helping their clients with, but it’s just not for me

However, producing some of the results you’ll see on my Insta page…

Wouldn’t have been possible without a few pieces of important knowledge around psychology… and so, I want to tell you about something that may absolutely change the game for you

The majority of the time when I speak to women, the reason their fitness attempts have failed in the past, often comes down simply to a lack of results

Sound familiar?

You lose weight in the 1st week of your diet, maybe the 2nd

But after that it just tails off, and the scales just show you the same thing each week…

And so you come to the conclusion of, “Well I’m not losing weight doing this, so what’s the point?”

“What’s the point in me doing all this training, and working on my eating habits if the scales aren’t even moving?”

And then you give up.

You resume old habits, and you’ve wasted a load of cash on a gym membership that doesn’t get used again for another 6 months

And that healthy smoothie recipe book you bought, you don’t even know where it is anymore

And the reason you reached this “what’s the point” conclusion?

Simple - you placed all your bets on ONE measure, and programmed your brain to only judge success and failure by the number on the scales

Whilst ignoring the fact that you completed 3 workouts that week

The fact that you managed to pick up a small bag of maltesers rather than demolishing a share bag to yourself

The fact that your lower back pain is getting better and better as you spend more time on your feet

The fact that you’ve been sleeping all the way through the night rather than waking up every hour

Now, these are all these things to celebrate, surely?

So, why is it that you decide you’re failing when your weight doesn’t budge for a couple of weeks?

When in actual fact you should be insanely proud of yourself for achieving all of those awesome wins?

Don’t just be proud when the scales move - be proud of the whole effort.

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