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You Can’t Expect Maximum Results From Minimal Effort

I’m not afraid to be honest with you

I will tell you straight up now that not everybody who joins my team, leaves with an amazing result

You’re going to find other coaches and trainers out there who will tell you they “guarantee” you a result

That every single client they’ve ever had, is now mega lean with six pack abs and a peachy butt

But I’m here to tell you that’s a load of sh*t

It doesn’t work like that

See it doesn’t all come down to the coach, as much as they want you to think it does

Joining a coaching programme and getting a result is a two-way thing

Its a 50/50 effort between coach and client


The thing is, some people just aren’t willing to give 100% of their 50%

They expect that the act of setting up the direct debit is their 50%, and from there the coach does their bit

Well it’s not quite that easy

Because as much as I, or any coach for that matter, may give you the best training plan in the world

Or write you the most effective, detailed nutrition plan in history

It means NOTHING if you don’t implement it

See my best clients who get the best transformations,

They all come from different backgrounds, are starting at different fitness levels and are aiming for different goals

But they all have one thing in common…

They would do ANYTHING to make their result happen

I set them a daily target of 7k steps, and they do 8k

I ask them to show me their meal plan for the week and it’s already pre-logged in MyFitnessPal

I ask them to do 30 minutes of extra cardio, they do 45 minutes

See where the difference is?

If you’re only prepared to do the bare minimum, you can’t expect a jaw-dropping result - you get out what you put in

BUT if you're prepared to put 100% trust in the process

And do what it takes, then maximum results will be yours for the taking.

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